"A mind once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimension".

Sir Oliver Wendell Holmes



Tailor courses

Gateway has a flexible methodology and sets the course according to the interests, goals and performance level of the group. Therefore, we do not work with standardized teaching materials for all classes. Part of our job is to research the appropriate materials (books, movies, music etc.) for each one's goals, which brings classroom teaching closer to students' reality and objectives.

Maximum number of 5 students per class. Learning and using a second language can be stressful and challenging. Being in classrooms with few others, the student feels more secure and more confident in expressing him or herself, and receives more individualized attention.


The course aims at developing and improving oral skills for a successful professional presentation.

It is aimed at professionals who want to:

• Develop speech proficiency (pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, fluency and clarity);

• Improve confidence for public speaking;

• Improve visual presentation of materials;

• Train interaction with the audience and be able to appropriately answer questions asked during the presentation.

The course uses the criteria for an effective presentation used at Stanford University (CA- USA) and assigned to Gateway English School.

Breaking the Sound Barrier

English language rhythm based course using an innovative method that Gateway English School has developed to break down barriers that prevent students from listening and speaking English fluently.

Through a guided linguistic practice, phonetic rhythm exercises are performed, alternating with other didactic activities, which put the student in tune with the essence of the language, as expressed by the natives. At the end of the process, the student starts talking and listening more easily, and better assimilates new concepts.


Made for people who:

• Have taken several English courses but still do not speak or understand well;

• Need to interact formally and informally in English;

• Want to communicate professionally in English and speak in public in international situations.

"A mind once stretched by a new idea never regains its original dimension." (Uma mente uma vez expandida por uma nova ideia nunca retorna à sua dimensão original.)"

Sir Oliver Wendell Holmes


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