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Since 1986, Gateway English School has had its own teaching method for the essential needs of each student, preserving their individuality and encouraging communication through practical and dynamic classes. The courses are designed according to the age, interest and language knowledge of each student, as well as the formation of groups.

At the head of Gateway English School is Maria José R. Silva Gomes, an English teacher with an extensive experience of over 45 years. She has developed the BSB (Breaking the Sound Barrier) methodology, which focuses on equipping the student to overcome the obstacles in the learning process: the difficulty of understanding and identifying the English sounds.

There are more than 500 students graduated, more than 20 trips abroad and within Brazil. Above all, at Gateway there is a deep commitment to the most effective learning process in a foreign language: knowledge and professional experience for those seeking excellence in teaching.

In addition to the innovative methodology and selected teachers, what makes Gateway English School different and special is the small number of students per class (maximum 5 students). Learning and using a second language can be stressful and challenging. Being in rooms with few others, the student feels more secure and more confident to express him or herself and receives a more individualized attention.

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Maria Jose Ramos da Silva Gomes

Director and founder of Gateway English School

• Maria José is the director and founder of Gateway English School.


• She is an English educator with over 44 years of experience and certified by the Royal Society of Arts, University of Michigan Certificate of Proficiency, and has specializations in Brazil, England (Bell College and IH Hastings) and the United States (San Francisco State University).


• Her curriculum was structured in traditional English schools and multinational companies in Brazil.


• Always looking for information and new teaching techniques through visits to study centers at universities and institutions in England and the United States. Since 2009, besides her visits, she has been in contact with Stanford University (California-USA) to improve Gateway English School teaching materials.


• Has coordinated study groups in Australia, the United States and England.

Maria Fernanda R S Gomes

Teacher and coordinator of Gateway English School

• Maria Fernanda is the coordinator and partner of Gateway English School.

• Has been an English teacher for over 20 years.

• Has a major in English and Portuguese at University of São Marcos and studied Communication and Arts of the Body at PUC-SP.

• Her curriculum has been structured in traditional English language schools, multinational companies in Brazil and at Gateway English School.

• Has organized and held workshops and activities that promote a higher performance of her students, such as workshops at school, museum tours in SP and trips to the USA.

• Has set up the English course specific to belly dancing professionals.


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