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Here, students feel confident to express themselves

The history of Gateway English School dates back five decades to 1972 when educator  Maria José R. Silva Gomes (see bio) first began teaching English. Throughout her experience, she couldn't help but notice a striking absence in the prevailing pedagogical approaches—a lack of practicality that truly accounted for each student's uniqueness and the psychological factors that influence the process of learning a language. It was from this need that Maria José developed  Gateway, driven by a belief in fostering close relationships and providing continuous support to each and every student. Her approach has proven to be transformative, enabling students to feel at ease, confident, and ultimately skilled when it comes to speaking English.

Since its founding in 1990, Gateway has solidified its reputation as a warm and inviting institution that embraces dynamic teaching methods (get to know our dynamics), while prioritizing the genuine needs of each student and nurturing their individuality. The school fosters communication through practical and innovative classes, resulting in over 800 graduates, more than 20 immersive trips both within Brazil and abroad, and countless tales of enduring partnerships, affection, and mutual respect.

We have transitioned to the live online format, leveraging the power of current virtual platforms and tools. The quality of teaching and the techniques employed in the digital realm are just as effective as their face-to-face counterparts. Our classes are vibrant, interactive, and engaging, offering students a dynamic learning experience. What's more, this format provides unparalleled flexibility, enabling students to participate from anywhere they may be. In this new digital landscape, we have successfully integrated students from various parts of Brazil, as well as from the United States, England, Ireland and Portugal. Gateway has truly opened its doors to the world.

Schedule a complimentary online meeting with us, with no obligation or fees involved. During this meeting, we will conduct a thorough assessment of your English proficiency, understand your goals, and address any inquiries you may have regarding our teaching methods and approach. Based on this meeting, we will create and send you a personalized course proposal. Feel free to get in touch with us through the provided  link to arrange a convenient time for the meeting.

About  the school

Our team
Maria Jose Ramos da Silva Gomes

Director and founder of Gateway English School

• Maria José is the director and founder of Gateway English School.


• She is an English educator with over 44 years of experience and certified by the Royal Society of Arts, University of Michigan Certificate of Proficiency, and has specializations in Brazil, England (Bell College and IH Hastings) and the United States (San Francisco State University).


• Her curriculum was structured in traditional English schools and multinational companies in Brazil.


• Always looking for information and new teaching techniques through visits to study centers at universities and institutions in England and the United States. Since 2009, besides her visits, she has been in contact with Stanford University (California-USA) to improve Gateway English School teaching materials.


• Has coordinated study groups in Australia, the United States and England.

Maria Fernanda R S Gomes

Teacher and coordinator of Gateway English School

• Maria Fernanda is the coordinator and partner of Gateway English School.

• Has been an English teacher for over 20 years.

• Has a major in English and Portuguese at University of São Marcos and studied Communication and Arts of the Body at PUC-SP.

• Her curriculum has been structured in traditional English language schools, multinational companies in Brazil and at Gateway English School.

• Has organized and held workshops and activities that promote a higher performance of her students, such as workshops at school, museum tours in SP and trips to the USA.

• Has set up the English course specific to belly dancing professionals.

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