BSB Methodology

Breaking the Sound Barrier

The main barriers for those who need or want to learn English are undoubtedly oral comprehension and fluency. Gateway methodology focuses on exactly these two points.

The central objective of the BSB method is to activate the student’s perception of the functioning of the sounds in the English language: the phonemes, the non-pronounced letters, the intonation and the rhythm. These are the points that facilitate fluency. Fluency means being able to speak naturally and clearly. Communicating in English is therefore not just about grammatical or vocabulary knowledge, it is also about breaking the sound barrier. By overcoming this barrier, the student will be really able to express him or herself competently and securely in English.

Through this innovative method, Gateway English School develops more confident, flexible and creative communicators, and provides more efficient learning that remains after assimilation.

In addition to the innovative methodology and qualified teachers, what makes Gateway English school different and special is the small number of students per class (maximum 5 students). Learning and using a second language can be stressful and challenging. Being in classrooms with few others, the student feels more secure and more confident in expressing him or herself, and receives more individualized attention.

Flexible methodology

Breaking the Sound Barrier (BSB) is flexible and therefore allows Gateway to design courses based on the interests and goals of each group. For this reason, we do not work with standardized teaching materials for all classes. Part of our job is to research the right books for each purpose, bringing classroom experience closer to students' reality and interests.

The classes are interactive and practical. We use various materials such as music, movies and other didactic strategies to develop the material of each course.


Teachers trained

to recognize each student's skills

With extensive teaching experience, teachers are able to recognize each other's intelligences, skills and interests and thus direct the course to the real interests of the group in an appropriate learning environment.

They are highly qualified professionals, trained in England and the United States, who are constantly updated through courses, workshops and trips to English-speaking countries.

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