Once upon a time

there was

a teddy bear who wanted to learn English

Ted, Maria’s teddy bear, gazed out the bedroom window while he wondered about the many trips he would like to make with her. Ted thought he should stay home as he couldn’t speak English. Maria, therefore, decided she would teach all her teddy bears to speak English so that they could travel around the world together.

Every day, after school, through the chink of the curtain it was possible to catch a glimpse of the little girl teaching and dreaming about having a school.

The dream has evolved , the project has gained strength and they have had many experiences all over the world.

As an adult, Maria José having fulfilled her dream looks through her window at her English School which she founded in 1990 . Nowadays, she practices the philosophy she learned with Ted, the bear: you should break your own barriers and limits immersing yourself in the language as it is presented to you;

*Text based on the Maria José's true history (Gateway founder)



Gateway English School

Breaking the Sound Barrier


Breaking the Sound Barrier

Through the BSB method - Breaking the Sound Barrier - Gateway teachers promote fluency from the very beginning of the course. The students break their own barriers, limits and immerse themselves in the language as it is.

You can't talk about Gateway, you simply have to experience it and see its innovative method with your own eyes.


your investment

Gateway English School evaluates the student's English before he or she begins the studies. The objective is to suit the curriculum to one’s level of knowledge and needs. He or she may choose to take one-on-one or group classes, with a maximum of 5 students per class. Since 1990, the school has maintained its proposal to offer English courses to a small number of students to ensure teaching excellence.

Why choose Gateway

· Maximum 5 students per class

· Over 30 years of teaching excellence

· Ideal methodology for people who have taken a

  variety of English courses but still do not speak

  and understand English well

· Customized courses

· Comfortable environment


an opening,

an entrance to something else

        Gateway is an opening

An entrance to 'something else'

You can see what's beyond the gate

That It's somehow prized, special, not usual

But you can't get there till you're ready

And then the gate opens.

A Gateway has a keeper

Who has herself been beyond

And by setting up the Gateway

She tells the passers-by

Look, here and there are different

This attracts those who are after something else

And then the gate opens"


By Adrian Underhill - Hastings, England. (Adrian Underhill is a training Consultant in England and popular conference guest speaker)

"A Gateway is an opening,

an entrance to something else"



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